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Selling your home? Let Us Help You!

Nothing influences a sale more than the house itself.  But what else affects the sale?  The price, the market, and the people do.  

The Price

An appropriate selling price is determined by many factors.  To establish a suitable price to list your home at, I will factor in its age, condition, special features, and location.  Along with these criteria, I also consider the current market.  Other similar homes that have recently sold are used as an indication of what value your home has to buyers.  Knowing this, it is easier to sell quickly and receive offers closer to the asking price.



The Market

The key to the successful marketing of your property is based on the simple law of "Supply and Demand".  A home is not worth a fixed dollar value; it fluctuates, as any part of the economy will.  The real estate market is determined by who is buying and who is selling at a certain time.  This, too, is affected by variables such as job availability, interest rates, and the cost of living. 


As a real estate professional, I deal with this market everyday.  My knowledge of the markets strengths and weaknesses helps me, and in turn you, to promote your home effectively.



The People


You, as the seller, affect the marketing of your home.  By keeping your home clean and welcoming to prospective buyers, you increase your chance of selling quickly and receiving higher offers.  It is also important that it is as convenient as possible for buyers to view your house.  If you cause a buyer to wait, they may find something else in that time.


Prospective buyers looking for homes at the time that you are selling can also influence your sale.  Effective and efficient marketing are key.  Part of my job as your real estate agent is to ensure qualified buyers know about your property.  Serious buyers usually work with a real estate agent, so as a team of professionals we are able to match serious buyers with the perfect home.


Some agents believe their job is done when you sign the listing, I know mine is just beginning. I follow a step-by-step marketing program that will provide you with service that is professional and courteous, and above all constantly expose your property to qualified buyers.


Some steps I will take:

  • I will prepare a comparable market analysis for you to establish fair market value.
  • I will fully explain the listing agreement, agency disclosure, and other related forms that are required to list you home.
  • I will make recommendations designed to enhance the marketability of your home. 
  • I will provide regular progress reports on a regular basis and discuss with you comments I have received about your property.
  • I will pre-qualify whenever possible all prospective buyers.
  • Your home will be marketed through the Realty Executives net work, The Starphoenix and three major real estate web sites to  achieve maximum market exposure and top dollar!
  • Valuable information will be immediately distributed to all real estate companies and agents to ensure you receive maximum exposure.
  • When an offer is written I will assist with the negotiations and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds prior to you accepting an offer.
  • Upon accepting an offer I will assist in all activities throughout the closing process as permitted by law.

“There for you every step of the way.”

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